Smart Just Got Smarter

The seemingly basic word “smart” has taken on a whole new meaning in the past decade. While smart gadgets may have hit the market slowly at first, they have accelerated at breakneck speed ever since. Everything, it seems, is now smart: smart TVs, smart cars, smartphones, smart devices...the list goes on and on. Is it time for a smart water bottle? When it integrates with your favorite health and fitness apps, like Fitbit, it’s not just smart, it’s just plain cool.

When you are on the go, at the gym, on the trail, in the water, on the bike or field, you likely carry a water bottle. It’s probably of the plastic type, stainless steel, or carried in a pouch on your back. You also may wear a fitness monitor to keep track of your activity, heart rate and more. Did you know you can sync the two together to get the most accurate, personalized hydration suggestions? Welcome to the world of smart hydration.

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The Value of Personalized Hydration

If you ask five different people how much water you are supposed to drink, you will likely receive five different answers. The reason? There simply isn’t one magic number because every body is different. How you exercise, your level of exertion and the climate and altitude you are in are variables that must be combined with personal data. Your gender, weight, age, heart rate and sweat rate are of course, different from anyone else’s metrics. Something as simple as a medication you might be taking can influence your hydration needs.

So why are there so many “general rules” when it comes to hydration? We have all heard the most common ones, like drink until your urine is clear, drink half your weight in ounces, and drink when you are thirsty. Scientists actually debunk most of these theories because they simply aren’t true for everyone. It’s much too broad a brushstroke because we are all vastly different in our hydration needs.

If you are serious about hydration (and as an athlete, you should be), you need more accurate data. You need more relevant advice. Just as you value the micro-level metrics you get from your Fitbit, you should expect the same level of detail from your smart water bottle. A water bottle that simply measures how much water you’ve ingested and then suggests how much more you need to drink to reach a magic number is nothing more than a glorified measuring cup.

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Hydration is highly personal. Once you figure out what your body needs, you will unlock your true performance potential. Not every water container, however, is capable of delivering such detailed metrics. Your Camelback isn’t going to do it, either is your run-of-the-mill water bottle you have probably had for years. We’re not saying those containers are “dumb,” per se. We’re just suggesting they can be infinitely smarter.

trago smart water bottle with fitbit app

The Rise of Personal Fitness Monitors

Personal fitness monitors like Fitbit, Apple Healthkit, Google Fit and Under Armor Record, are a relatively new phenomenon. They were developed to help inspire wearers to get up off their butts and move. They monitor steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, blood pressure, oxygen levels and even count calories. The Journal of American Medical Association found that counting steps actually works. Regular use has been found to increase physical activity of the wearer by up to 27 percent. Increased physical activity led to a reduction in participants’ body mass index and blood pressure.

Perhaps the devices’ popularity is due to the fact that many people think they are getting more exercise than they actually are. Fitness trackers present the truth. Users can see exactly how much physical activity they’ve completed and then take steps (quite literally) to reach their daily goals. These goals are typically centered around weight loss, heart health and slowing down the aging process.

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Data-driven consumers love this fact-based information. It’s not enough for them to say they went on a run. They want to know exactly how many steps they took on that run. They want to know their heart rate during that run. And now, with a smart water bottle synced to their fitness gadget, they can know how much they need to drink to stay hydrated and perform better.

trago fitbit smart water bottle with app

Syncing the Trago Water Bottle with Fitbit and Other Apps

Something magical happens when you combine your Fitbit app with your water bottle. It’s like they become instant friends who guide you down a path towards better health. While the average person may not think about their hydration until they get a headache or muscle cramps, athletes likely can’t say the same. Any serious athlete in any sport understands hydration is important, but now with the synced apps, they know exactly how much fluid they actually need. They are no longer taking the advice of a team mate, workout partner, trainer or coach because they have facts that are tailored to their own bodies.

Trago turns hydration on its head by making general hydration guesses to personalized hydration science. We do it by combining research, hard data, and technology to produce a smart water bottle bottle and cap that does more than just measure your water intake. Using sonar technology, it measures any fluid level consumed down to the tiniest sip then it goes a huge leap forward by connecting via the cloud to your favorite fitness monitoring app so you get the whole picture.

If you own a Fitbit, Google Fit, Under Armor Record, or Apple Health, here’s how the integration with a Trago smart water bottle works:

When you first link your Trago smart water bottle with your Fitbit, Apple Health or other app, you will input your personal information, such as your birthday, gender, height, and weight. This information will auto-populate both your fitness app and your Trago app.

As you exercise and log in your workouts, the Trago smart water bottle app will send you push notification to your smartphone with hydration requirements. Once you drink from your Trago smart sports water bottle, your exact sip data will be pushed to the Fitbit cloud (or other fitness tracker). You can log in to your Fitbit or the Trago online site to see your fluid intake and track it through the day, month or even year.

Because your Trago smart water bottle is truly smart, it will combine your personal data like height and gender with your fitness activity from your Fitbit to send you the most personalized hydration suggestions available. You never have to guess if you have had too much or too little water. Your push notifications are based on science and real data, not just a generalized guess of ounces. Sorry trainers - we’ve got this one covered.

trago smart water bottle with fitbit app

The Benefits of Syncing Fitbit with Your Smart Water Bottle

Let’s admit it. Technology has gotten pretty damned cool these days. We can do so much more than we ever dreamed of even a decade ago. The Internet of Things has connected us with technology and technology with technology. We can control virtually every appliance and gadget in our homes from our smartphones. We can monitor a baby’s breathing and skin temperature from a smartphone. We can get answers from a virtual assistant by just speaking a word into a tabletop speaker that’s connected to the Internet. And with the right water bottle and fitness app, you can know exactly how much fluid your body needs to consume in order to optimize your health and performance.

The beauty of integrating your fitness tracker with your smart water bottle is that you finally understand exactly how much fluid you really need, based on your personal body profile, activity level and climate. You will receive real-time data from your Fitbit and Trago smart water bottle to automate and customize hydration. The truth is, hydration is directly linked to activity, sleep and overall health. Now that they have been connected, you hydrate smarter. You perform better.

The Trago smart water bottle enables you to create a group, such as with teammates or workout partners. Everyone can set goals, track progress and keep each other accountable. Building this type of community not only bonds members but motivates members along their journey. Psychology Today found people who “sweat together stay together.” Whether misery loves company or company makes us accountable, you can use your Trago app to spur each other along.

trago smart water bottle with iwatch and fitbit app

How to Get Started

If you are considering a smart water bottle, you obviously care about your health. You also must know a fair amount about the importance of hydration. Now, it’s time to put all of that knowledge together so you can actually use it to maximize your performance.

The first step to personalized, smart hydration starts with purchasing your Trago smart water bottle. In only a day or so, you will receive your highly-durable, stainless steel water bottle with a patented smart cap that syncs with your Trago app. Now, the fun begins.

Download the Trago app from Google Play or iTunes App Store. You can play with the app to see what it does while you input personal data, such as your body type information, location and weather, and activity level. You can also set hydration goals and reminders so you can start receiving actionable feedback and notifications. Your health and performance will be optimized through something as simple as water.

The next step is to sync your Trago app with your Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health, Under Armor or other fitness monitoring device app you may use. The integration takes only seconds and because the data is pushed into the cloud, you will quickly begin receiving real-time data about your body and your hydration requirements. When you sync your Trago smart water bottle with your fitness tracker, you will see firsthand the role hydration plays in more than just physical activity. Sleep, daily movement and other factors are all directly linked to your hydration. Now, it will be illustrated in easy-to-read graphics so you can make smarter decisions about your overall health.

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The Trago Difference

While the smart water bottle market is getting crowded, there are still plenty of reasons why you should consider Trago over all of the others. In fact, we’ll give you seven differentiators:

  1. Our smart water bottle, cap and app are patented, based on science and developed by scientists.
  2. Our smart water bottle cap uses sonar technology to provide the most accurate fluid measurement possible.
  3. Our app seamlessly integrates with the most popular fitness tracking apps, like Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health, Under Armor - adding more every year.
  4. We use the most durable stainless steel for our smart water bottles.
  5. Our smart water bottles are insulated.
  6. Our smart cap will screw onto any standard wide-mouth water bottle.
  7. Our smart water bottle cap measures any fluid, not just water.

If you are going to track your every step and you are taking steps to incorporate hydration into your training regimen, you need a smart water bottle that can do what you expect it to do. You want one that will be with you for the long haul and make it through your toughest workout. You want one that will give you precise and accurate measurements. You need one that will calculate your exact hydration needs based on your own personal requirements. And if you’re syncing it with your fitness tracker, you want a flexible water bottle app that can integrate with whichever tracker you choose.

Trago was designed for you because it’s all about you - your body, your activity, your needs. When it comes to being smart, Trago is schooling the competition. Kind of like you.


Modern science says hydration is personal, but there’s never been a personalized solution. Until now.

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