FAQ - Trago Smart Cap

Trago uses patented sonar sensors in the cap to measure the change in the water level.

Trago will run for ~6 months on a common coin-cell battery found in most grocery/drug stores. The battery is included.

Yes! The Trago cap is compatible with other select wide mouth water bottles such as Camelbak, Hydro Flask, and Nalgene.  Check the Trago app (Settings screen) for the latest list.

Trago uses bluetooth low energy to connect to other smart devices.

Yes! the Trago app is free.

Yes, the Trago app will be available on Android and iOS very soon.

The Trago bottle is made out of food-grade stainless steel.

Yes, Trago will offer different types of bottles and caps in the future. BPA-free plastic bottles, glass, and an insulated bottle are all in the works. We are also working on a cap with a straw!

Trago ships anywhere in the world.

Of course!


Trago is not dishwasher safe. I mean, who puts electronics in dishwasher? 

Double digit billions. Please don't buy disposable plastic water bottles. They are destroying our planet.

Yes, there is a way to manually add water you consume through the app.