Our Story

We’ve always been fascinated by water - so essential, yet so taken for granted. When we moved from Colorado Springs to Austin, we realized we’d taken it for granted too. The heat and humidity floored us. Literally. As a triathlete, Jac nearly passed out in his first Texas workout. From that moment, our minds couldn’t stop thinking about how to make water work smarter and to optimize hydration for our environment, our body and our specific needs.

After two years of intense testing and prototyping, we launched Trago.

We created Trago for a simple reason - to change the game in hydration. We’ve set out to optimize and personalize hydration to maximize performance for every athlete - on and off the field - and every individual striving to be their best.

- Jac and Davis Saltzgiver


Our Team

At Trago, we are privileged to work with some of the best scientists in the world in the fields of hydration and sport nutrition.


Dr. Mark Kovacs, PhD

Mark brings deep experience across multiple divides - bridging science to sport, brand to business, and training to research. A PhD in performance physiology, he is a researcher, professor, author, speaker and coach having worked with elite athletes in various sports across the globe. The former director of the Gatorade Sport Science Institute and current fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, Mark is an invaluable leader at Trago.

Dr. Stacy Sims, PhD

A global leader in environmental exercise physiology, nutrition science, hydration and sex differences in athletes, Stacy is a true stand out in her field. Previously serving as the cofounder of Osma Nutrition and being an Olympic-caliber triathlete, she’s a newly-published author and here to take Trago higher.

Aaron Grossberg, MD

Aaron, an oncology resident at the globally-renowned cancer institute, MD Anderson, frequently reminds us that no illness in a hospital isn’t influenced and benefited by hydration. In this setting, hydration is about saving lives, not just improving them. Add that wisdom to a handful of PhD’s and a MD.

We Give A Drop

We’re obsessed with optimizing hydration for every individual person. But we also believe in making an impact well beyond the individual to create change in the world at-large.

Each year, 29 billion single-use plastic water bottles are thrown away, and approximately 17% are recycled. This means about 24 billion plastic bottles end up in our oceans, rivers, lakes, and landfills annually, polluting our planet and destroying marine life. To make matters worse, plastics take thousands of years to decompose, meaning each year, these billions continue to pile up.

Trago counts the number of plastic bottles you save, and rewards you for your positive impact on the environment. At Trago, we have teamed up with 1% for the Planet to give money to organizations that share our passion for reducing plastic waste across the globe.

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