Wearable Technology - How Hydration Fits Into The Equation

When contemplating the variables that go into our overarching health equation there are five elements that come to mind immediately. Here at Trago, we break down the health equation like this:

Physical Activity + Sleep + Weight + Nutrition + Hydration = Peak Performance

With wearables like FitBit, MyVolt and Jawbone, technology is quickly saturating the market by providing advanced solutions to an athletes most pressing questions. How can wearable technology provide personalized analytics around the clock? While we’ll break down this equation and discuss several wearables that take on each aspect, we’ll ultimately focus on why hydration is not an element to be over looked and how excited Trago is to be the first technology to quantify and analyze hydration.

Activity Wearables

When prepping for a workout, warm-up and recovery are two vital elements that MYOVOLT™ targets. It’s a soft wearable module that delivers high energy vibration that increases blood flow. Basically, it wraps around your body at a localized point to ease what’s happening below the skin. This allows the user to have an enhanced warm-up and recovery period during times of minimal impact.

Similarly, Heddoko, is an entire smart garment suit that pairs with an app to create a 3D projection of an athletes biomechanics and range of motion. This technology is focused on improving how you move and thus really great for technical sports such as rowing and gymnastics.

Sleep Technology

New to the market, Nuero:On brings a game changing sleep mask to both athletes and the health conscious individual. It features a manufactured sunrise, jet lag blocker, and sleep analytics all in one.

Weight Tracking

An established leader in wearable technology, FitBit brings forward the ultimate guide to weight tracking and physical fitness. How Stuff Works (Tech) describes it as, “a technology that logs a range of data about your activities, including the number of steps you take, distance traversed and calories burned.” Highly popular among the health conscious individual, Trago partners with FitBit in an effort to combine multiple elements of the health equation.

Nutrition Awareness

The food we put inside our bodies directly effects our health equation. As such, Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal App creates a platform of user inputs that counts calories and tracks your health to provide personalized nutrition insights.

Similar to the FitBit, Jawbone also creates a wearable wrist band that calculates sleep, activity and balanced nutrition levels. What sets Jawbone apart are their habit-building and goal-setting features that do more than just educate you, but change your life.

Optimal Hydration

Alas, we’ve arrived at the key element to our health equation; that of optimal hydration. Often times, hydration is just blown off as eight glasses of water a day. As our technology advances, its clear that hydration is so much more than that. How, when, and where you drink water all affect your body’s hydration levels. Trago’s wearable technology quantifies this data and personalizes it in a way that’s compatible with your needs.

Trago has a physical cap fitting onto a wide mouth water bottle, this cap is filled with sensors that monitor your water intake. The cap then communicates with the Trago app where you input other personalized information such as body metrics and environmental attributes. Throughout the day, you’re reminded when to drink water and how much to consume at a given time.

Of all five elements, none of it is possible without hydration. Hydration is the starting and ending point to the overarching health equation. Hydration enables us to pursue physical activity, to sleep through the night, to remain active in the heat.

Wearable technology continues to make a name for itself in the health conscious community, and Trago could not be more excited to lead the way in optimal hydration.

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