How Travel Changes your Hydration Needs

Regardless of how beautiful your final destination may be, being holed up in an air tight container moving at high speeds comes with a wide range of negative effects. Amongst these are jet lag, exposure to infection, fatigue and stress, though perhaps most importantly, dehydration is at the base of them all.  

One major cause of dehydration on airplanes is the significantly reduced humidity inside the cabin. Even if you come into a flight at a completely healthy state, this factor alone has the power to cause immediate physical differences in your body. For example, you may notice your eyes are dry, your throat is sore or your skin is itchy. Naturally, drinking water throughout the entire flight is the best way to combat this, coupled with avoiding any alcohol in flight.  

We think the three main reasons for staying on top of your hydration levels during travel are:

  •  Its natural to drink less while in the air anyway
  • Caffeine and Alcohol are regularly consumed during longer flights. 
  • Dehydration contributes to a longer period of jet lag. 

Along those lines, we suggest being fully hydrated before, during, and after your flight so you’re ready to go upon landing at your final destination. Trago’s technology is designed to assist you with this, pre order yours now!