Beauty in A Bottle? Only If It’s A Water Bottle.

Defining What Is Beautiful

We are sensing a cultural shift that we’re pretty excited about. Only a few years ago, women were led to believe there was one size to beautiful. Unless you could check the boxes of weight, height, color of skin, breast and butt size, hair texture and color, and a dozen more ridiculous metrics of beauty, you were made to feel less than. As if something needed to be fixed. Not anymore.

Women are taking back their true identities and creating their own definitions of beauty. They are making a difference. The market is responding.

Clothing catalogs, such as Athleta and Nordstrom, are including models of all shapes and sizes. Websites like Hot & Healthy Habits are embracing differences with blogs, retreats, and self-empowerment. Design guru, Tim Gunn, has been vocal about the “disgrace” of designers catering only to one size of woman, inspiring designers like Marc Jacobs and Christian Siriano and X to not only design for plus-size women but feature them in their fashion shows. Celebrities, such as Meghan Trainor, sing openly about breaking the mold when it comes to size.

Yes, things are changing. Whether these brands want to redefine beauty for the good of women and girls everywhere or they are simply in it for the incredible revenue this ignored population can bring them, it is altering how the culture views women.

Feel Good from The Inside Out

No matter your size or physical appearance, feeling good matters. We all want to feel our best and it all starts from what we put into our bodies. There is an appropriate saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” If you don’t take care of the body you have, you’re going to feel like garbage. It’s like putting bad gasoline into your car. Your car may run, but it isn’t going to run very well and eventually, it’s going to break down. Your body needs certain nutrients and fluids to run at its optimum capacity. Deny it for too long and it will catch up with you.

The first and most important element to our health is water. The definition of beauty may change from generation to generation. Food fads change from year to year. One thing that will never change is the importance of hydration to your body. No, beauty may not come from a cosmetic bottle but a smart water bottle might just be the fountain of youth.

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You can live up to three weeks without food but only a few days without water. Many of us are unaware of just how much fluids we need to stay hydrated. Some drink so much water, they feel like a fish bowl with water sloshing around in their bellies. More commonly, however, we go through our day drinking only a percentage of water our bodies actually need.

Water not only hydrates every cell in the body, but it lubricates joints, carries nutrients to organs and tissues, and plumps the skin. All of this translates into feeling and looking your best. The key is to stay hydrated and never dip into the danger zone of dehydration.

You can know exactly how much water you need throughout the day by carrying a smart water bottle with you. The technology embedded in the lid measures your fluid intake and then communicates with the associated app. The mobile app contains all of your personal information, like height, weight, climate, and activity level. The app is designed to measure exactly how much water your specific body actually needs throughout the day.

Food, well, we know how much is out there about what foods we should be eating. It’s really not about dieting. It’s about eating the foods that best fuel your body. Vegetables and legumes, whole grains, fruits, and lean meats are always going to be better for you than fast food, processed food, and sugar-laden foods. There is no such thing as a neutral food. Everything you put into your body is either going to help it or hurt it over time. The choice is yours, but the more of the good you eat, the more of the good you’re going to feel.

The 80/20 Rule

It’s easy to go overboard with any food craze. We are told, for instance, to quit gluten but load up on fermented foods and beverages. While this may be true for some with certain medical conditions, not everyone needs to completely cut out gluten and in fact, whole grains are often a valuable source of needed nutrients and complex carbohydrates. Fermented foods, on the other hand, contain healthful bacteria to boost gut flora but too much of it can lead to yeast problems. It’s all about balance and moderation.

There is no super food, no magic bullet, no miracle cure for aging. There are foods, however, that can dramatically improve your health. The key is to combine a wide variety of whole foods to get the optimal level of nutrients. That’s why we are told to eat the rainbow. The natural color of food gives us a hint at the different nutrients contained in those foods. Mix them together and that’s where magic is made. That is balance.

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I like to follow the 80/20 rule so you don’t feel like you’re giving anything up. Eighty percent of the time, you eat the best foods you can get your hands on. Eat the rainbow. Eat from the farmer’s market. Eat organic, grass fed, whole grain, free-range, seasonal. You get the picture. But then allow yourself to indulge 20 percent of the time. Enjoy the fried chicken your grandmother made you. Have that burger with a side of fries. Giving yourself the freedom and flexibility to be less rigid not only makes you happier but makes you much more tolerable to others!

Loving Your Body and Appreciating Others

One of the best lessons we can take away from this cultural shift is that we are beautiful, just the way we were created. That means everyone else is beautiful, too. It’s one thing to embrace your body and accept every part of it. It’s quite another to extend that grace to others. It’s unfortunate that some of the worst female body shaming found in social media comes from other women.

What if women decided to ride this wave of loving one’s self by extending it to every woman they encounter - in person and on social media? What if we all made the choice to look at other women and appreciate their differences as something beautiful? Instead of comparisons, women begin to see themselves as their own person and the other woman as something altogether different yet wonderful?

If women really want to change how they are viewed, it’s going to start with women. Every woman is uniquely beautiful. Her outward appearance may be what we initially see, but isn’t it really a woman’s heart that is most attractive anyway? When we focus on what’s really important, the image thing takes a back seat. Cheers to all of the incredible women out there. All of the moms, daughters, sisters, and wives in every color, shape, and size. Continue to redefine beauty. We are listening.

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