Smart Hydration System

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"Eight 8oz glasses a day" is a myth. How much water you should drink depends on unique factors like your body type, environment, activity and a host of other factors. Modern science says hydration is personal, but there’s never been a personalized solution. Until now.

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Trago Cap

Trago Cap

Track your fluid consumption with our versatile smart cap with patented level sensing technology.

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Trago Boosts

Trago App

Sync your favorite fitness trackers, apps and Trago cap to your phone to stay hydrated and performing at 100%.

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Water is 60% of the human body and by far our body’s most critical nutrient. It makes us go and keep us at our best - mentally and physically.

Improved Performance


Increase blood flow and muscle control, and regulate core body temperature for optimized health and workouts.

Faster Recovery Time

Maintain a Healthy Weight

The less hydrated an individual is, the more likely they are to have a higher body mass index (BMI).

Clearer Focus


83% of the human brain is water. Staying hydrated helps with focus, memory, clarity and creativity.